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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, 2015

  • What an abslute knockout of a show! Fantastic job all around, Korda never ceases to amaze. - Nikolas Prsa.
  • Absolutely an amazing performance. Loved loved loved it and the theatre. Will be back for sure. Thank you! - Carol Perron.
  •  highly entertaining Windsor is so rich with creative talent and Korda is definitely one of its gems! - Lorraine Steele.
  •  it was GREAT so professional, beautiful voices, lovely cast. A must to enjoy! - Mary Ellen Morton.
  • Its truly wonderful from start to finish…” - Brenda Udell.
  •  just might be the best musical theatrical production in Windsor of 2015… Boasting a stellar cast and ensemble, the performance was nearly flawless and played to one of the largest houses Ive seen in a long time in the cozy confines of Korda Theatre… this is a must see show Do not miss this amazing experience! - Joe McParland.
  • OMG - saw this last night. REALLY enjoyed it! Creepy, dark, unpredictable, funny twisted and entirely entertaining. - Michael Chantler.
  • I am in awe of the talent... Thanks for an amazing evening! - Laurie Smith.
  • This was brilliant! Period! - Peter Hrastovec.
  • Bravo!! Bravo!! Tracey B. Atin, Christopher L.M. and Korda Theatre on the brilliant production of Sweeney Todd. Wowwww! - Kay Tee.
  • “Joseph Anthony, you literally transformed the Korda stage into a window or portal to another time and place. Put this show on any stage in the world and the performances are on par if not better than the best of them spellbinding, twisted, wickedly beautiful show! - Dan MacDonald.
  • Bravo Korda and Cardinal!! Sweeney might very well have been the best show Ive seen in, like, 10 years or so! - Clinton Hammond.
  • Congratulations everyone on a great production! It was wonderful to see such passion on that beautiful stage! - Caulin Moore.
  • What an incredible show! I was mesmerized by the performance. Truly an amazing experience. - John Riehl.
  • What an amazing show! So dark so deep! The cast was wonderful!! Brava!! - Karen Rockwell.
  • Congratulations cast and crew. You left me speechless (in a good way). Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!! - Tracy Kloske.
  • The performances were outstanding through and through. Every cast member pulls their weight, carrying the energy and passion that makes this musical so entertaining. Every line said and every number sang is done, evidentially so, with pure enjoyment. The highlights however, are Christopher Lawrence-Menard and Tracey Atin who play Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett respectively - theres magic in their chemistry. THe show burns brightest when they radiate off each other, hitting its peak with the final number of the first act. - Hani Yassine, The Lance.

Hansel und Gretel: Behind The Gingerbread, 2014

  • “Hansel und Gretel was a lot of fun - funny (punny?), energetic, self-aware, and jovial...” - Michael K. Potter.
  • “Congratulations… I was so proud… super-talented cast of lunatics in a funny musical script… I sat near a family whose little girls spent the show cheering for the heroes and hissing at the villains (and vice versa when the mood struck).” - Christopher Lawrence-Menard.
  • “Great show Jeff Marontate! Love seeing you on stage!! Thanks for the laughs!!” - Christine Morton.
  • “A very enjoyable performance by a very talented cast.” - Bruce Wills.
  • “Great show!!!” - Lisa Toupin.
  • “What a great production!… Thanks for an enjoyable evening! Looking forward to seeing another show. Thanks.” - Leo Ducharme.
  • “I just took 2 classes to this hilarious comedy! My children loved it! We were thoroughly entertained… Definitely a highlight in my theatre experience! Way to go KordaZone! Another hit!” - Roula Khayat.

The Birds, 2014

  • “Great show. Had a wonderful time.” - Jennifer Turdean.
  • “This was one of the best Korda plays I’ve been to. It was hilariously good. I recommend going to see The Birds to everyone.” - Amanda Sudds.
  • “OMG!!!! Everyone needs to tak ethe time and go see ‘The Birds’ at Korda theatre this weekend or next!!!! I loved it from top to bottom!!! Laughs at every turn. Definitely not a show to miss!!! Jeff Marontate and his entire cast and crew did an amazing job tonight and should give themselves a huge pat on the backs for this one!! I applaud you all!!!” - Jay Medd.
  • “Tonight I went with Michelle Poupard and Jay Medd to see The Birds put on by Korda Theatre. I have never laughed so hard in all my life. I recommend anyone who lives in Windsor… go see it. Tickets are $15 and you will have an incredible time. Thanks Joey Wright for almost making me piss my pants.” - Darren Farkas.
  • “Just returned from the show ‘The Birds’ at The KordaZone. Lots of fun and laughs. Check it out!” - Chris Rabideau.
  • “Ancient Greek Theatre mixed with 20th century movie magic. ‘The Birds’ is brilliant! Tweet yourselves and your friends. Go and see this!!!” - Agatha Sarafianos.
  • “Jeff Marontate’s updated adaptation makes this classic play relevant. The performances by the cast are varied and layered and brave and so very funny. The set and costumes elevate everything. I laughed. I was proud. I was transported away…” - Christopher Lawrence-Menard.
  • “The Birds is a well-crafted, highly intelligent, extremely clever, vibrantly envisioned adaptation of Aristophanes’ original comedy. If you’re up for a fun romp, then this play is for you! I had a blast!” - Cat Turner.

William Shakespeare's Othello, 2014

  • "Excellent work, exceptional clarity and flow! Congrats!" - Martin Ouellette.
  • "We really enjoyed the show last week - excellent performance - I really liked your [Dean Valentino] take on Iago, and Emilia was really fantastic - so much depth in her character! My daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been recommending it to everyone! " - Kristina Garswood.
  • "Korda's OTHELLO is strong, tragic, beautifully acted, directed, lit, etc. I'm very proud and thankful to see talented folks work truthfully on our intimate stage." - Christopher Lawrence-Menard.
  • "Saw Othello tonight at Korda. Well done cast and crew. Dean Valentino - - your dream and your vision are realized in this production. Congrats!!!!!" - Peter Hrastovec.

God of Carnage, 2014

  • "The characters came alive last night in such a ferocious way - I was blown away!" - Dan MacDonald.
  • "Thank heaven for KordaZone! How else would I get to see a Tony award winning play in Windsor? Not only a Tony-award winning play, but a performance that was second to none!… All four actors gave sparkling performances and were well directed… Two thumbs up!" - Stephen.
  • "GREAT play… very funny!!!!" - Jim and Cheryl Harris.
  • "… the show was truly worth the long trek in from the county: sharp, energetic, biting, satirical… outstanding." - Italo Anthony Nespolon.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, 2014

  • "Amazingly entertaining! I have never laughed so hard!" - Jeff Gendron.
  • "First place singing, acting and audience participation." - Tracy Kloske.
  • "A great show, well performed, in a perfect space." - Christopher Fry.

Next To Normal, 2013

  • "Must see theatre!" - Mark LeFebvre, CBC Radio.
  • "Terrific and accomplished cast… a cozy and inviting theatre…" - Peter Hrastovec.
  • "… amazing magic… we are blessed with the creative talent in this region." - Joe McParland.

The Divine Sister, 2012

  • "Korda has delivered once again!… some of Windsor's most talented stage performers… totally delighted and entertained… a night of unadulterated laughter!" - Joe McParland.
  • "Gret show! Live theatre in Windsor is alive and well." - Tracy Kloske.
  • "A great show, well performed, in a perfect space." - Peter Hrastovec.

DRAG 3, 2012

  • "I have to say, if there is a better word for "brilliant", it must be DRAG 3! Christopher Lawrence-Menard has written and performs a masterpiece. With a stellar cast and characters we have now all grown to love and with whom we laugh, DRAG 3 is nothing short of triumphant! This triptych ends on a high note! May the standing ovations continue… over and over again!" - Peter Hrastovec.
  • "Fantastic performances by each and every one of [the cast]… bravo!!!!!!!!!!" - Cathy Zagaglioni.
  • "From the design and direction, writing and casting. From the most superficial of comedies comes great substance, and tons of laughs. Forget "La Cage Aux Folles" running in Toronto. Except for the tiniest of wobbles atop absurdly high heels (you try it!) this play is note perfect." - Mark LeFebvre, CBC Radio.
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